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New guy with Rebel T5i


Hey guys, i picked up a brand new Rebel T5i a while back at Best Buy.

I'm an amateur photographer, ive done 3 weddings, a few motorcross events, alot of nature shots, alot of automobile and motorcycle shots, etc.


Anyway, i am still learning alot about this camera.


Currently i am looking at getting a wireless remote for it....i think i need an RC-6, but on the best buy site, i see Canon has several and so does Vivitar.....they range from $5 to $35, and even some wired ones for $100+..


What do u recommend??? 



Heres the bestbuy link, not sure if this url will work.



The RC-6 is a infrared remote control so you must be pointing at the camera. It's working distance is short.

It may or may not work the video on your T5i. I don't shoot video so I don't know.

But the RC-5 Canon remote is over $400 bucks!  Smiley Surprised


The RC-6 is a handy little gadget.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

Yeah im not looking for something with too much distance..i just wanna be able to put my camera on the tripod and have me and the wife sit on my motorcylce for pics and stuff like that...

maybe as my business grows i will get a more advanced one.


it would be nice to have my camera set up facing a jump and when i come over the jump on my atv, hit the button in mid air, lol for an awesome shot..


But mostly i am a web designer/graphic artist, and do custom vinyl graphics and decals and shirts/hats...and i use the camera alot, from taking photos of customers stuff for their website, to promoting my own products.



Heres some shots of my 1st wedding i did last year, for a friend.

You probably want an RC-6 then.  


I have an RC-5 (no longer made) and eventually also bought an RC-6.  They look almost identical -- the difference is that on the back of the RC-6 there's a swtich (which the RC-5 didn't have).  That switch changes the mode of the trigger between "instant" and a 2-second "delay" (the RC-5 always had a 2-second delay.)


The idea is that with the 2-second delay, you have time to hide the remote so that you don't catch a photo of you pointing the remote at the camera.  BUT... if you're not planning to be in the photo, then the "instant" mode will let you catch that "decisive moment" and not have to worry that in 2 seconds you may have missed it.


The remote is IR.  The pickup on the camera is located on the FRONT of the camera and line-of-sight is needed for this to work.  The remote is intended for photos -- I do NOT believe it will start/stop video recording (I have a friend who primarily does video and I think he confirmed this for me the last time I checked.)


Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da

The IR remotes WILL start/stop video.

That is the reason they started adding IR remotes to cameras like the 60D, 70D, 7D, 5D Mk II, 5D Mk III, and 1D Mk IV. Prior to the addition of Video, the only DSLR's that had IR remote were the Digital Rebels.
Mike Sowsun

"... only the Digital Rebels had IR remote."


Not exaxctly............Smiley Happy  The only DSLR I can think of that it doesn't work with is my 1D.

  • EOS 6D

  • EOS 5D Mark II

  • EOS 5D Mark III

  • EOS 7D

  • EOS 60D

  • EOS 60DA

  • EOS 70D

  • EOS Digital Rebel

  • EOS Digital Rebel XT

  • EOS Digital Rebel XTi

  • EOS ELAN 7/7E

  • EOS Elan 7N


  • EOS Elan II/IIE

  • EOS Elan IIE

  • ELPH 370Z

  • ELPH Jr.

  • ELPH Sport

  • ELPH Z3

  • EOS 10

  • EOS 100

  • EOS 30

  • EOS 30V

  • EOS 33

  • EOS 33V

  • EOS 50

  • EOS 50E

  • EOS IX

  • EOS Rebel Ti

  • EOS Rebel T1i 

  • EOS Rebel T2

  • EOS Rebel T2i

  • EOS Rebel T3i

  • EOS Rebel Ti

  • EOS Rebel T4i

  • EOS Rebel T5i

  • EOS Rebel XSi

  • EOS Rebel SL1

  • Limited Edition Digital Rebel

  • Sure Shot 130u

  • Sure Shot 130u II

  • Sure Shot Z115

  • Sure Shot Z135

  • Sure Shot Z155

  • Sure Shot Z180u

  • Sure Shot Z90W

  • EOS-M Mirrorless Digital Camera

 At least this is the list Canon privides, since I don't have every one of these to personally test it.



EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

Thanks guys.

Whats the name of the app? I have a samsung galaxy s3 android phone..

Whats the name of the app? I have a samsung galaxy s3 android phone..


I use an APP called "DSLR Remote" with my Samsung Galaxy S4:  DSLR Remote


I am not sure if it will work with your S3. I think it will only work if  your phone has a built-in IR sender. 






Mike Sowsun

Most of those cameras are not DSLR's. They are old film cameras from the 1990's and later.

What I meant to say was that all the Digital Rebels had IR remote, but other DSLR's without video did not. This included the D30, D60, 10D, 20D, 30D, 40D, 50D, 5D, and 1D series. Canon only added IR to the more advanced DSLR's when they added video.
Mike Sowsun


The RC-6 remote works nice but as noted in another response, comes with the constraints of an infrared remote. I have one banded Rocketfish and it works. When posing you will need to press the button, so you will be constrained for positioning one hand. 

More exotic controls off long range RF and various triggering options (sound, cell phone, discreet triggers, PC). 


I think if you start with an inexpensive IR remote you will quickly learn a lot more about the features you would like and how much you will use it.

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