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New camera questions - comparison

Hey all,

So, I've finally convinced myself to save up for a DSLR and some lenses, and I've narrowed my search down to two choices, the Canon EOS 80D and the Canon EOS 77D. I definitely will be purchasing either camera with the 18-135 mm USM kit lens, and also will be purchasing the Canon 2 Lens Kit (50 mm F1.8, 10-18 mm).

Of course, this would be my first DSLR, yet I feel that I am not simply interested in photography, but looking to take this camera semi professional and really learn everything there is to learn in the photo world. (Something that keeps me from considering a "more basic?" Rebel t7i)

On Adorama, such a setup would cost ~ $1600 for the 77D and ~ $1700 for the 80D. That being said, my question is, would I miss any of the features the 80D offers? (1/8000 min shutter speed vs 1/4000, larger battery, 100% Viewfinder coverage, etc) Or, is it worth it to save the extra $100 - $150 and simply go with the 77D? If you have experience with either or both cameras I'd love to hear your thoughts! Countless YouTube videos and internet articles have still left me torn between either camera. Thanks!

@gharris1998 wrote:

Thank you for your insight! I was interested in those lens I previously stated due to the wide variety of shots I could create with them, the 50 mm especially is enticing to me for portraits. What specifically about the 17-55 f 2.8 makes it a great lens? 

Honestly, I consider it a big unnecessary expense.


You will be hard pressed to see improvement in image quality over the EF-S 18-135mm USM. 


Where you need a large aperture to blur the background the EF 50mm f/1.8 STM will be a better choice.


Get the kit lenses you mentioned in your first post, if after a year of shooting with those you feel you need the EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS only then go out and buy it.  


Oh and BTW one more vote for the 80D over the 77D.