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Need EOS Rebel T7 tutorials Is there any tutorials I can get for beginners, I will pay money.


Hi I need basic tutorials on how to use/setup the canon EOS rebel t7 etc..

I have tried to check out and linked in but that doesn't appear to be what I want..


any ideas?





I googled "eos rebel t7 guide" and got a bunch of hits for tutorials etc. on YouTube.  Would that help?


If you log onto your local library website and do a search on the on-line catalogue for LinkedIn Learning, or, and follow the links to access the site, you can get free access to a site full of tutorials by professionals on many subjects: including photography.  If your library does not have access go to the site: and you can sign up for a free month's free access.

The tutorials are conducted by skilled and experienced trainers.  The closest tutorial I could find is for the Rebel T5i - but it is very similar in operation to the T7i, so it should be a good start.  The course can be taken in small sections but the total time is about 1hr 12min. 

There are many more tutorials on issues to do with other elements of photography, including a series called Photography Foundations hosted by an excellent trainer Ben Long.

On You Tube there is a tutorial from Tony Northrop on the T8i  At this link - it is just over an hour long.

cheers, TREVOR

Before you ask us, have you looked in the manual or on the Canon Support Site?
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Canon offers free videos for all skill levels - Beginner > Advanced

Canon EOS 101: Photo and Videography Basics | Canon U.S.A., Inc.

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Yes. I also downloaded the manual on my laptop and Android phone for reference. When there is nothing on TV, I'll look at certain parts of the manual with my T7 on the desk to familiarize myself with its capabilities...which exceed mine.

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