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My rebel xs will not take pics.

My rebel xs will not take pics. It keep on saying it's busy it worked fine about a week ago and it wouldnt take any pics.

Yes. That is an infamous bug in the firmware of that camera. That's why it is so important to update the firmware from 1.0.5 to a later one. Maybe Canon service centre fix it for free because it is a common problem with that camera model. You can check your old pictures with Digital Photo Professional to see if you have firmware 1.0.5 or older.


Hello 5Starjms, 

We should check that the firmware is updated to the latest version, 1.0.7.  That can be downloaded from our web site, here.  If the issue persists you may wish to send the camera in for evaluation.  You can set up the camera for Service through that same web site.  

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I've tried downloading the new update but I don't know how to get it on the camera.

If you open the firmware download file you'll find a "read me" file inside which provides the instructions.


There are two methods.  One method uses the computer and USB cable to transfer the firmware.  The other method involves copying the firmware file (that's the file with the ".FIR" suffix) to the camera's memory card (this assumes your computer has a card reader) and there's a menu option in the camera to install the firmware from the memory card.


Make sure you've got a reliable and fully-charged battery before you start (you don't want the battery dying half-way through the update.)   


Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da

So I'll just plug in the usb and it will do the rest? Giving that my screen don't come on at all.

If you already have the problem, then you will not be able to install firmware 1.0.7. Canon Service Centre is the next place.

@5STARJMS wrote:
So I'll just plug in the usb and it will do the rest? Giving that my screen don't come on at all.

Absolutely not. When you use the "USB cable" method, there's a long, involved procedure that you must follow exactly. If you deviate in any way, the update will freeze partway through, and the camera will have to go to Canon for repair. Several years ago, when I was more of a DSLR newbie than I am now, I screwed up my wife's XTi while trying to upgrade it and had to send it to Jamesburg. (Fortunately, they took pity on me and treated it as a warranty repair.)


The card reader method is much safer. But if you can't see the screen, it's hard to see how you'll even get started with either method.

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