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My Canon Rebel T3 occasionally takes pictures and video with vertical gray lines through them


Occasionally when I take photos they appear with vertical gray lines through them.  This lasts for a few photos then goes away.  When I am recording a video the gray lines appear and then often times disapear later in the recording.  When the lines appear the color of the photos or video also becomes washed out.  They do not go away when I upload them to the computer.  It seems to happen the most when I am under fluorescent lights, but not always.  





Time for Canon Service Center. That looks like a hardware problem.

Have you tried reinstalling firmware (even if it's the same version)?

I have not, but I will try that.  Thank you!

Resetting the firmware did not help

Do you think the is correlation between how much the camera is used, and how often the images deteriorate? Does it malfunction right way, after the camera has rested overnight?  Or, does it take a while before it begins?


I ask because most of the manuals for Rebels caution the user about heat buildup on the image sensor when using the LiveView mode extensively, or when shooting video extensively.


If not, I would follow Peter's advice and seek out a service center.

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