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My Canon 7d has started to 'hang' after taking three pictures in a row.


My Canon 7d starts to blink busy after taking three pictures in a row.  The screen says busy and the red light is flashing.  

Any ideas what causes this?

I've reformated the CF card and tried using other cards but the same problem happens.


I've reset the camera and cleared all the settings.


The only way to get the camera to work again is to take out the battery.


Any ideas?



Hello Sarah,


Thanks so much for writing in.  I am sorry to see that your EOS 7D camera is hanging after taking about three pictures and displays a 'busy' message. 


Under normal circumstances, we would want to reset the camera to resolve this error.   I see that you have done some of the steps already.  I would suggest cleaning the lens contacts with a soft microfiber cloth in addition to trying a different lens on the camera. 

If you find it occurring with multiple lenses and multiple cards then we suggest sending the camera into the service center to evaluate this issue.  You can set up a repair online through the link below.  I apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you.

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Hi Sarah,
I think you have the same problem I had some time ago with my 7D.
You see, there are some settings in the camera that slows your camera. Check if long exposure noise reduction is activated (there are two or three settings in the camera regarding this). I don't have the camera near me at the moment so I can't tell you exactly where to look, but you should find those in the camera manual or just searching in the camera menu. Disabling those settings have stopped making my camera slow.

So to answer your questions, that red light indicates that the camera is busy with reducing the noise from your pictures, a process that takes some time.


What firmware version is your 7d using? Wasn't there a problem with version 2.0.0 that's been corrected with 2.0.3?