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Many Flash Questions for Rebel SL3


I'm pretty new to flash photography, so I'm looking into speedlites, triggers and the like but I have so many questions with no articles to answer them.


Does anyone know what specific canon speedlites I can use on the SL3? (I'm looking at the 550EX and 580EXII), What trigger is compatible with the SL3? I would also like to know, if there is a trigger compatible, can I use canon speedlites such as the 550EX or 580EXII as a slave to it?


Also I've heard that even without the center pin, canon dedicated speedlites still work, does it still have full functionality? Can I use it in manual mode? If so, in that mode can I have a multiple canon speedlite setup (e.g. multiple 550s or 580s). In addition to that, can I have a canon master and 3rd party slaves? or does it not work like that?


I can't use 3rd party flashes on the camera, can I use them as slaves to a master canon speedlite? I know the Godox xPro-C (trigger) with newest firmware works in TTL mode but not in Manual so is there a trigger anyone knows of that can give me TTL AND Manual mode that can work with canon speedlites, 3rd party speedlites, or even both?


I think that's all the questions I have for now..Smiley Happy



You need the Speediliters handbook by Syl Arena, but it is out of print.


You can use any E-TTL2 speedlite on your camera - all the recent ones.

The lack of center pin only prevents older center-pin only non-canon flashes from working. Like my old vivitar.


Any canon trigger will work, I don't know about any others.


Manual mode has nothing to do with the center pin with a canon flash.


I would stick with Canon.



Thanks!, Also with using the 550ex or any Canon Speedlite as a master, can I use the hot shoe connector cable in order to use the flash on a tripod but still as a master or does it have to be on the camera itself, I'm planning to use this flash in manual mode with optical slaves for a multi flash setup. I'm considering this as the Canon trigger is outside of my budget right now.

You can use the canon extension cable, it essentially just extends the hot shoe.

Thanks for all your responses!, I'm getting closer to getting a 550ex and an extension cable and in the future getting 3rd party slaves that optically fire, so with the extension cable I was just looking for one, do you know if the vello off camera TTL flash cord for Canon will work for my purposes?

I wouldn't want to say, I only use the Canon one.

I looked around for the canon branded cable and it's crazy hard to find, I found one but it's not the length I need, if you know of anywhere to get the canon branded one please feel free to let me know.