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Magic lantern, the Canon 7D firmware 2.0.5?


Anyone know if there is already informing the magic lantern, the Canon 7D firmware 2.0.5?


With my 5D3 I had both firmware versions on the memory card and then I could switch back and forth between versions whenever I wanted. Magic  Lantern now works with the latest 5D3 firmware so there is no need for that now.


The 7D still needs to be running 2.0.3 in order to run Magic lantern.


EDIT: If your camera had previous firmware versions, it is very easy to backdate and then later upgrade firmware versions.


If your 7D came new fron Canon with 2.0.5 installed there is a slight chance it won't backdate. I heard of one factrory new 5D3 owner who had some problems but it was never confirmed why he had problems. 

Mike Sowsun

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walmirribeiro, the result is in the post above.



- Backdated successfully.

- Magic Lantern install successful.

- 7D running smoothly with both Magic Lantern and Canon firmware running in tandem.


Only noticed one super tiny bug that's easily fixable... not permanently fixable by me, but fixable by deselecting a menu item. I'm not diving into coding my own 7D just yet. 😉

Rising Star

I refer to an earlier post and discussion, I thought mentioning Magic Lantern here is unorthodox :


Why nobody is saying anything about it now ?

BTW, there have been some suggestions (or may be hearsay only) that there are a lot of bad things about ML. What experience do you ML users have about these bad things ?

Hi Peter, I used both EOS utility (your suggested method)and ML on card to roll back Firmware 1.3.3 to 1.2.3 and 1.1.3 tp my 5D3. Both successful.


No bad things happened. Followed the instruction strictly and you should have no problem.

Bad things:


  • Half second slower start because it boots from the card
  • The battery of 7D powerless after removing the memory card wrongly (correct is to wait 2-3 seconds after I have powered off the camera.)
  • In live view and in the ML menu I can only use the ML menu for about 30 seconds before I am kicked out from the menu. This is only for 6D. A known bug.

That are my experience.

Peter. Thanks for sharing your experience. Yes I agreed ML is not a fully developed thing. Beta versions are coming out to improve and new features are also added. There may be a few not so good things (bad ? to some) but there are some innovative features beyond somebody's imagination.


I have never experience your mentioned problems on my T3i, M, 60D (all sold) It's okay on my 5d3 (X2) and T4i. A few times when I did not operate according to specs, the camera may freeze and I just have to remove the battery and re-insert and it's back to normal. No big deal.


Loading ML is less stressful than updating firmware. But this is just my feeling. I have done this over fifty times (my own experiments and for friends) and all works.


Magic Lantern is not for beginners. Learning your own cameras first. Not all added features will be useful to you. Stick to Canon original and do not install ML even if you have 1% doubt.