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M50 working only on Silent mode


I recently got a second hand M50, It works on video (I bought it for that on a low price), but when I try to take photos, it doesn't work, it only takes pictures when is on SCN Silent mode. 

when I try to take photos on Manual or Auto mode or any other mode (that I've tried) it doesn't make a shutter noise, the screen flickers, and that is it.


have any of you had this issue before?




Rising Star

I would say it has an issue with the mechanical shutter. You will likely need to take/send it in to get repaired to restore full functionality.

Kevin Rahe
EOS M50 Mark II


Have you reset the camera back to its factory defaults?  If not, you should.  You want all of the camera settings to be in a known state, not whatever state the previous owner left it in..

Switch the camera to P mode on the top dial and find the menu setting that restores factory defaults.  This menu option does not fully restore all settings.  Any menu item that opens up to its own submenu of functions will usually have its own separate reset.  

For example, custom controls has its own reset function.  Spend a few minutes going through every menu option and resetting the open when the function is available.  You may havre to repeat this for the video menus, too.

IF the camera is still not fully functional when the top dial is set to Green [A+] mode and P mode, then there could be an issue with the camera that requires a repair.

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