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Lost the LCD info display on the 700D



I have a canon 700d camera bought in germany. From tadoy on the LCD info display ist not working correctly anymore. It is not a issue with the hardware, because the menu and info buttons are working as expected.I alread did a settings reset but is doesn't help.


The problem ist, that after turning the camera on the  LCD info display (with data about currunte camera settings) is just black and not showing any information. By pushing the Info button, following by Q button the LCD info comes up. When it is there i can navigate through those settings and change them.

After taking a photo the photo preview disappears pretty quickly (there is not time to check the photo). Before that issue the photo preview was longer. When the LCD info display is on, and I change the mode from AV to TV with the wheel, the display goes off and I can turn it only on, by pressing info button and folowing by Q button, again.


SO the issue is, that the LCD info display is off. And when I turn it on, it goers off when the whell changed or I take a photo.


My firmaware version is 1.1.3. I changed nothing over years, and it works last week. But from today on something is not working correctly.

I wanted to update the firmware to version 1.1.5. It the only available version. But thr requirements for version 1.1.5 is firmware 1.1.4. I cannot find the firmaware 1.1.4. SO updateing the firmware is not possible


best regards

joer rocket




Sometimes the eyecup covers the sensor that turns the LCD off when you put your face to it. Try reseating it.

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It almost sounds like the camera is functioning normally to me.  


The rear LCD screen is supposed to blank itself when you take a photo.  How long the photo preview lasts after you take a shot can be adjusted in the menus.  I normally have it disabled to extend battery life.  


You press [INFO] to only view settings, and not to make any changes.  If you want to change and adjust settings, do not press [INFO], only press [Q].


As a general rule, firmware does not work for years, and then suddenly break.  It either works properly from the start, or it does not.  There is no middle ground in this regard.  Contact Canon about upgrading from 1.1.3 to 1.1.5.  I think it will be okay.  Firmware upgrades seem to completely overwrite what is already there, or least the reprogammalble part of the memory chips.

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Sometimes the eyecup covers the sensor that turns the LCD off when you put your face to it. Try reseating it.

Thanky you. It looks like the eyecup was covering the sensor. That help me very much.

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