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Losing grip material on 60d


Almost all of the "rubber" grip material on my 60d is coming off. I have been gaffer taping for several month but would like to have a more permanent solution short of sending it to Canon for repair.....any suggestions?



Have you contacted Canon to find out if they can re-grip it and what it might cost?  


It seems like a DIY fix would involve having to completely remove the grip material, clean any adhesive off the body and grips (and that could prove to be a challenge) and then try to find a new adhesive.


Finding a good adhesive can be quite tricky and the problem is... unlike Canon, you don't have a stock of test parts that you can use to try different adhesives to find the best one.


If it were me, I'd probably reach out to Canon for advice and or inquire as the cost and timing of having them provide the repair.

Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da


I believe this is a known problem and Canon might be aware of it and have a fix... but it means sending your camera in for repair. Contact Canon Service Dept. for more info, if interested.


The glue often used on camera grips and leatherettes is called Pliobond, if you want to try it yourself.


An even stronger glue I've used in a few instances is called Shoe Goo (intended for use repairing shoe soles, etc.).... But use with caution and don't get any on parts where you don't want it. It remains a little flexible, but sticks like crazy to practically anything. I'd be a little concerned using it on any camera covering that may need to be removed in the future, to service the camera. So if there are any screws or joints or access holes under the rubber grip, I'd use the Pliobond instead.


Pliobond is available a lot of places, hardware stores, etc. I got a tube of Shoe Goo at a local Ace Hardware store recently. I didn't check if they had Pliobond, too... but they probably did.


Alan Myers

San Jose, Calif., USA
"Walk softly and carry a big lens."
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Canon uses double sided tape to hold the grip material on, at least on 1D series cameras. You can't use anything that is permanent since there are screws under it. (at least on 1D series cameras)

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How old is your camera as this is aknown issue on the 60D?  Some users on POTN have reported canon are fixing for free if your camera is in warranty. If not, tell service it's a known issue with a service note, and demand a free repair. If the guy says no, ask for a supervisor.

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