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Looking to buy Rebel T3i Kit, some questions for a novice


EOS Rebel T3i EF-S 18-55mm IS II Lens Kit


I am new to these forums and a novice with camera's in general, but do know I want a DSLR.  I have a few questions but just wanted to say Hi to everyone!

I have been eyeing the low-end Rebels for a while (on a budget) and now am getting serious about pulling the trigger.  I do have a few questions that I am hoping someone can clarify for me before I buy.  I am fairly certain the T3i is a better deal vs. the T3, because of the Megapixel size, so that is what I am shooting for...

1. On the product page under Specifications, Image Sensor, it mentions Dust Deletion Feature and Auto/Manual sensor cleaning.  Can someone please elaborate on dust getting on the sensor?  I really do not understand what is being cleaned, or how often this is an issue?

2. Can someone breakdown the main difference between T3 and T3i?  How much difference is that Megapixel size really going to affect image quality.  I mean, I can see that the resolutions it shoots at on the spec sheet, but if someone could give me an asthetic, real-world example in practice, it would mean a lot.  I do like the full 1080p video size, but the picture sizes are far above what I am used to working with as far as resolution goes...

Also, the button layouts/types;  how easy is each camera to use?  Are the button placments in an area that does not interfere with aiming and shooting (I plan on getting my hands on one here in the next few weeks before I buy)?

3. Concerning the twistable, poseable view-finder; I am a bit worried about constant use.  Will the internal connections/wiring break from bending from use over time?

4. Looking at the gallery the rubber eye-piece appears adjustable as it appears ther are rubber grips on it.  Can someone comment on that?

Questions about some reviews on USA Canon site:


Nickname: Soraya - Date:June 2, 2013
"Auto focus takes a long time with the Lcd screen open but works great with it closed."

5. Can anyone speak to this issue?  Is this because the screen draws more power open, taking power from the focus motor/servo or something?


Nickname: Lurcus - Date:May 22, 2013
"Holding the camera, you have a really plasticky feeling, far from professional grade build quality. Especially in video mode, in the dark areas of the frame, image is quite noisy even at low ISO..."

6. This makes it sound like the T3i is not constructed solidly.  Is this true?  Also are the video's grainy all the time in low light?


Thank you everyone for your help!!  Smiley Very Happy


Can anyone comment on these? I am sorry if I made the post too long...


Here are my thoughts on the T3i.

First it is not a “pro” level body. It is what is termed a “pro summer” level, or advanced armature.

The fit and feel of the body is yours to make. I can not determine if it is good for you. That is one thing that separates the true metal based pro level body from the T3i. I shoot professional and I still use a Xti sometimes, if the job demands it. No matter what else, these Canon bodies take very good images.


Most newer cameras in this price range have electronic sensor cleaning which attempts to rid the sensor of foreign particles. It does not eliminate the need for actual cleaning.


On the articulated back, I suppose in 20 years or so, it may fail. After all, the old saying, anything made by the hand of man will fail. Quite a bunch of my astro-photo buddies prefer this feature and they don't worry about it's eventual demise. Neither should you!


If you need permission, you have mine to get the T3i instead of the T3. You won't be dissapointed, I am sure.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

Thank you very much ebiggs1, I appreciate your info. This does sound like the right buy for me. I will head out to a camera shop and test one out before buying. You put my mind at ease about the viewfinder, camera body, and you were funny!

I have recently purchased a T3i (mid-May) and can say that I have really enjoyed it so far.  I am a hobbyist and love taking photos.  The best way to learn is to read the owner's manual cover to cover a few times while you are holding the camera nearby.  I've taken photos that I'm very pleased with.  I purchased my kit from Cameta Cameras on eBay.  I think their name on eBay is cametaauctions.  You can get a grand deal on a bundle!


On a note about Canon: this is my 3rd Canon camera, but my first DSLR.  After 2 weeks of learning the functions on my camera, I notice there was debris behind the LCD screen.  I sent it back to Canon for just won't get better customer service than here.  They are the best!


Good luck on your purchase!