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Learning my t6i

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Has anybody bought educational DVD's to learn their camera? I've been on YouTube and it's almost like overload. Piecing stuff together is kinda hard. Has anybody purchased like a DVD for their specific camera? I've seen them at Best Buy, etc. Any suggestions? It seems like it might be easier to go that route. I have a Canon T6i and want to take portraits of my newborn and maybe do some creative stuff on my own. Thanks in advance.


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I recommend you get one of the guide books for the T6i instead. A bit old school, I knoow, but they can cover much more information than DVDs. There are a number of different series of the guide books, and they are camera-specific, expanding upon what's in the user manual. I always make a point of buying at least one any time I get a new camara, to shorten the learning curve as much as possible. I'm most familiar with and can recommend those by David Busch, Charlotte Lowrie and Michael Guncheon. But I bet there are some other good ones. Check the feedback comments on 



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Years ago I bought a "for dummies" guidebook for my old rebel model. I read it cover to cover and it was helpful.

A lot of things in a guide book will not make any real sense without some general knowledge of basic photographic principles. Google videos, YouTube, etc., have many many free 3 minute photography tutorials. I suggest you watch a couple on "the exposure triangle". After that you can find some videos, free or for a charge, on your exact camera model.

As books go, I highly recommend "Understanding Exposure" by Bryan Petersen. It is an easy read with, naturally, lots of pictures. It really makes it easy to understand the big picture main concepts. He also has a lot of tutorial videos on Adorama TV and other places like YouTube. I find he has a clear way of explaining things.

Good luck!

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