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LCD only shows data, NO images


Hello - I'm new here and dont know much about cameras. I have an EOS 40D which was working great. It fell off the couch onto the floor and I thought it was fine. However, for no apparent reason, the LCD no longer shows images. It will show all the menu tabs and text etc but no images. I am at a total loss as to what may have happened... I called Canon and to my surprise, they no longer support this camera at all (including parts) so now I am screwed unless its a simple fix...   Any step by step instructions to recommend I try (as a novice)??


I also set it to live mode and I see the active rectangle on the LCD but no image. Has my sensor gone bad?

I think "gone bad" is a bit of an euphemism. It looks like you broke it.

If so, any thoughts on a repair? Is this an expensive fix / am I better off buying a used 40D (presuming I can even find a place to get it fixed...)

The confusing thing is that if its broken, why would text and data show just fine? Its only the images which dont....

At the risk of asking a really silly question.  Have you tried pressing the INFO button a few times to see what you get?

Also have you tried unmounting and mounting the lens or (better still) replacing it with a different lens in case the lens' contacts were impacted when the camera fell.


If it turns out the camera is indeed on the fritz, the last thing I would suggest is buying another 40D, as you have already been advised it has no support.  You could get a newer equivalent unit - even the 60D for a decent price, or go for a recent Rebel:

either would peform better than another 40D.

cheers, TREVOR

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As you said, it's the sensor or the mirror. You can take the lens off and try a cleaning to see if the mirror moves out of the way.

All good information. Thank you.   I did try removing the lens and going through the various menu's. Its set on auto-sensor clean and when I did this along with powering it up and off and shot pics (without the lens) nothing visibly moved inside the camera body.


Its all a catch-22 in that when I bought the camera, I also bought about $3000 in extra lenses and accessories. It was all intended for a business I was going to start with a friend and then he relocated so it all went stagnant. A short while ago I decided to get back into it (as a new hobby with my son) and that's when the camera was dropped. Given the investment in accessories and lenses, I felt replacing the 40D with another 40D (off of ebay) - if I can't get it fixed - would be the most practical way to go since I am a novice.


Basically, I'm looking for the cheapest way out to get me back to where I was. I can pick up a used 40D for about $100, which is probably what I'd spend anyway to get it fixed if not more. The problem here is that my equipment is all virtually new, maybe 500 shutter clicks. The used 40D options are listed as 15,000 - 20,000 shutter clicks already so that's why the interest in trying to get mine fixed is my #1 choice - but only if it's financially feasible. Spending more than $150 to fix it makes it counterproductive for me....


Open to any/all suggestions. Thanx for your input - 

Are yo sure your battery is good.  If the voltage/power is too low it may not be able to do the machanical stuff necessary to power your camera.  If it has been sitting around for a long time it may be bad.  Just a guess, if it was working before it was dropped then this may not be the case.

If you want to spend as little as possible you might want to look at the "Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi" body.  It can be purchased from Adorama for about $100 and should support all of your lenses and other acessories.  I would not consider ebay for a used body.  You may win but also may not.

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