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Is the mic input stereo? line level? EOS M50


Hello. I just upgraded my 10 year old Camcorder Vixia HF M30 to an EOS M50.


I was wondering if the Mic input on the EOS M50 was a stereo line level input. 

Searching google and forums gives no information on the (1/8") (3.5mm) jack information.


I want to output my audio, such as guitar and backing tracks directly into the camera for perfect syc. 

there is nothing worse then guitar shreding that does not sync perfectly with the video. 


I understand I can record my audio and add it in the video editor, which I do. 


However, I want to input my (Focusrite Saffire Pro 14) output into the EOS M50 mic input, if it is able. 

I also use a mixer sometimes for live video.


Thanks for any input, it's appreciated.

EOS M50 / M15-45 / M55-200 / Vixia HF-M30
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It is a mic level input. You can get the attenuating cables

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It has built-in stereo mic, so I would assume the microphone input is stereo, too. If you have the stereo mic, try it, worse that will happen is that you will only get one channel.

I don't have stereo mic to try. I only have XLR mics. besides the ones for gaming headsets. 

But mainly just wondering if a line level output from a preamp will damage the camera.

EOS M50 / M15-45 / M55-200 / Vixia HF-M30
6950X / X99 / RTX 2080 XC2 Ultra / Win 10 Pro

If you are creating videos, are you not using video editing software?  Add the audio in post.  


Add a slate prior to the shot.  What's that?  This is what the key grip gaffer does.  He stands in front of the camera with a chalkboard, says something and loudly claps it together.  That loud clap is used to sync audio and video in post production.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

It is a mic level input. You can get the attenuating cables


Just confirming for anyone interested...  The input is stereo.



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I have tested the stereo left and right and i can confirm that you are wrong!
Canon M50 has no left and right independent recording (stereo), it just mixes togheder any of the tracks (L+R) you feed in it via the jack input.

I bought a M50 camera after your statment regarding the stereo input.
So I bought a usless camera for my needs.
In the fututre please make sure you know what you are talking about before posting.
Many people rely on responses on this forum.

The specs say:

"Built-in stereo microphones",

which certainly implies stereo recording.

Where in my comment did you see anything regarding the internal micophone?

3 comments up:


Just confirming for anyone interested...  The input is stereo."

In your point of view internal microphone = input?

Did you even bother to read the topic of this discussion?

Nowhere. But the specs say it has stereo microphones, which means that it does stereo recording. I was trying to establish whether it does stereo recording on the internal mics.


It could be that you have a defect with the mic input jack. I suggest you call Canon.

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