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Is the Canon EOS SL3 good?


Hello, I am looking for a camera that I could get for under $1000. I am fairly new to this but I have experience in drone videography. The main use I would plan on using this for is to try to get some cinematic footage and b-roll mainly when I’m traveling. I want something that gives me full manual control over the settings such as iso as well. Would the Canon EOS SL3 be a good option for that? I’m seeing some places say it would t and is mainly for streaming, as well as not having 24FPS 1080p is kind of a bummer. If this couldn’t do what I wanted is there anything else that can be recommended? Thank you in advance



The Canon EOS R50 is designed as a vlogging camera. This camera doesn't have 24 fps. If you want 24 fps look into the EOS R10. But that's at your max budget though. The SL 3 could work well for you. But the SL 3 and a lot of these entry cameras won't give you the features you want. The EF/ EF-S Mount and DSLRs are being phased out. Which is what the Rebel SL 3 is. There being replaced by EOS R series RF Mount mirrorless cameras. The EOS M series EF-M mirrorless cameras are a dead end system. Canon is replacing it with APS-C RF Mount cameras.


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Basically what Demetrius is saying is that you should consider a mirrorless camera instead of a DSLR.  The R10 or R50 would both provide b roll options for your drone photography and price point.  Both can shoot in 4k, 1080 as well.  The R10 has more controls for still photography but has a 30 min recording limit for video.  The R50 doesn't have the same photography controls, but doesn't have the recording limit.  It might be better for video if longer recording times are needed.  I suspect after doing some research you might have some additional questions.  All here will be happy to help answer any questions you may have.  

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By 24 fps, do you mean true 24? Or 23.976?  If you need true 24, you'd need to look into higher end equipment that allows you to adjust the system frequency.


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