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Internal Focus Stacking


Hello everyone!  


I have been a Canon user for over 20 years.  I currently shoot with the 5D Mark IV and the 7D Mark II.  Focus Stacking is important to me.  I do NOT want to use external gadgets.  WHEN oh when will Canon put internal focus stacking in their cameras??


What do you mean by focus stacking? Like astrophotography focus stacking? Can you name a camera that has this feature?
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My Olympus Tough TG-5 has this feature, but only in microscope mode:


My friends own Nikon cameras.  The internal system allows the user to take a picture of something that has a lot of depth to it and the camera will (with what you set it up as) take a number of shots all of the same image but at different focus points then it puts it all together IN CAMERA.  You end up with a photo of (a flower lets say) and everything is in focus from front to back.


We are just users, we have no idea when or if Canon will implement this feature.

I would hope and bet that Canon folks look at these forums.  I have heard a great number of folks that have the internal focus stacking on their wish list.  Thanks 

Has been using internal focus bracketing with my 6D and 7D together with Magic Lantern. Doesn't work with 5D IV or 7D II. Canon has introduced focus bracketing with EOS RP, but you will need to stack the images in DPP4 or another software.

Why this feature is not introduced in the EOS R but is availble in the EOS RP is beyond me. I would think this would be a feature they would provide in a more advanced camera such as the R. 

Built in focus bracketing is more important than focus stacking in the camera, although both would be nice. I sincerely hope canon puts focus bracketing into thier upcoming professional mirrorless camera and future 5D mark V!!!!!

Focus bracketing and focus stacking I thought were the same thing. Either way it makes no sense that it isn't already a feature.

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