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I want to make the switch to a mirrorless Canon camera


I currently have the 7D but I want to upgrade to a mirrorless. My budget is $2,000. Which do you recommend? I looked into the M50 and the R series. I do basic portrait and landscape photography. I'm a hobbyist and not a professional.



I would not look into the M-series cameras.  R-series is the future.

Definitely would recommend the EOS R7.  A kit that includes the RF-S 18-150mm f/3.5-6.3 IS lens is $1,899 at B&H Photo. 

What lenses do you currently have with your 7D? If they are Canon lenses, they would most likely work with Canon's EF to RF adapter ($100) that would allow you to use them on an R-series body.

You can also look at the more affordable EOS R10 or much more affordable EOS R50 as well.  But I feel that the EOS R7 would better match feature-wise to your existing 7D.

Which lenses do you currently have with your 7D? 


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What lenses do you currently use?  We have a budget.  Do you want a full frame sensor or continue with an APS-C sensor?  

Coming from a 7D, I do not think you would like an M Series body.  They are small.  They are more along the lines of a pocket camera for travel, which is mainly. how I use my M3.  The R7 would be my recommendation for an APS-C sensor body.  The R8 or even the R6 would be my recommendation for a full frame sensor body.

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I don't know which lenses you currently have, but be aware that if you have any EF-S lenses, that you will get less detail out of them on a full-frame camera than you do on your 7D unless the resolution of the full-frame sensor is at least 2.5x the resolution of the 7D's. In other words, if you want to preserve an investment in EF-S lenses, you'll definitely want to go with a crop sensor mirrorless camera.

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My vote, R7 as well if APS-C. 👍 

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