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I need my photos to be 300 DPI. How do I set my Canon Rebel T5 to do that as a default?


How do I set the camer to 300 DPI?


How do I set the photo that was recorded at 5184 x 3456 (L) at 300 dpi?  For some reason the properties show it at 72.  I need it larger for business cards asap.  I use Picasa.  Thanks!


"The same applies to when you opened images in Photoshop and saw the setting as being 72 DPI, which is the old default that for some reason still is the default in many instalations."  


The setting of 72 DPI is a standard resolution that is used for displaying images on web pages.  A row of 80 characters, displayed as an 8x8 matrix, with a pixel of space between characters consumes 720 pixels, which works out to 10 characters per inch.

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