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I need help connecting my Canon EOS M50 to my PC for Live Streaming


Please forgive my ignorance here, my frustration is at the constant setbacks I've been having recently.

Is forking out another $300 for something that looks like a fat USB really the only way to run the EOS M50 into my PC? It seems like a little much seeing as it's literally half the price of the camera. 



I don't livestream or have your camera. so I don't know if this will be of help, but search for "how to livestream with EOS M50" gets a lot of youtube hits.




John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, LR Classic

I live stream with the M50 daily. I use an Elgato cam link 4K and use OBS to livestream. The cam link only costs $125 if I remember correctly. You then need a micro hdmi to hdmi cable and a micro usb to usb cable. Hook them both up to your computer and your all set. You have to use the eos utility to get clean hdmi out so you have to download it from canon’s website.



Hey there!


We've just released beta software that will allow you to use your M50 as a webcam. Check out the details HERE

That's awesome! When will a Mac software be released?

Hi, walstonbball!  We've got our developers working on a Mac version.  Hang tight!

Does this mean I can use a 6d mark ii as a webcam with just a USB? and not an elgato cam link?? Also any update on a mac software?


This is correct.  We have the new software available for Windows 10 if you wanted to check that out.  We do not have a Mac version yet and for that we apologize.

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Hello Niall, 

Hello.  Canon has released a beta version of a software that may be of interest to you; the EOS webcam utility beta for Windows.  

EOS Webcam Utility Beta is a software solution which unlocks webcam-like capabilities for select EOS Inter-Changeable Lens and PowerShot cameras. By connecting your Canon camera to a computer with a USB cable, the camera will be available as a video source for many video conferencing applications. Note that this is a Beta version and it may contain errors.

EOS M50 support and downloads

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