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I lost all my photos on memory card.


I have a Canon T3i.  I was using a 16 GB memory card that came with my camera.  I took photos of the children sitting in Santa's lap.  Went home and looked at them on the camera.  I put the memory card in my memory card wallet and then into my purse; took it out the next morning at work and inserted it into a memory card reader and then hooked that up to my camera.  It showed nothing. It had some type of error in the Canon folder.  I had lots of other photos on the memory card...probably 300 or more.  Everything is gone.  I had everything backed up except the photos with Santa, as I had just taken them.  I did not do a format card or a delete all images.  I can't even describe the disappointment.  How did my memory card get corrupted? 



Unfortunately memory cards do wear out and fail over time.  But the better cards tend to be more reliable.


I stick with Sandisk and Lexar brands -- but all cards will eventually fail... much in the same way that all car tires will eventually fail.  It's just a question of how much use they get before they fail.



Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da


Dont worry paul.. I too had the same situation once and I used Remo Recover software. It worked well. Try it ..


Hi,  You can use photo recovery software. The software can recover all deleted or lost photo from memory card. Many software are available. I have used a photo recovery software. Its name is Kernel Recovery for Digital Media software. Download this third-party software from


Well, now you don’t have to worry for your photos. Just launch Remo Recover on your PC and get back all images from memory card.