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I have a problem with my Canon 6d not reading cards.


Of my 6 cards (sandisk, PNY, and Transcend) it will only read 2. One I was testing and I got Error 02 message and the other I am testing now and is at 6 minutes.


I shoot video and I need this camera to perform on multiple cards. I checked the format settings of the working card and matched them on the others and it will still not read them. Sometimes it will read them randomly but maybe 1 out of 20 tries. Anyone have a similar issue and or suggestions?



Maybe try formatting the cards in your computer then try them in your camera. If the camera reads them, format them in that camera.


If this fails I'm thinking your cards have some issues.

I've done all the formating, many times. And in my 70D to see if that helps. 


I have found a solution but it still seems odd that I am having the specific trouble. I found one 16gb SanDisk that works. It's a SDHC. I also ordered some SDHC 32GB Transcends and they seem to be working so far. The odd thing is that I have like 4 PNY SDHC's and they do not work. 


Regardless I've researched this and canon claims that the 6D should be fine with SDXC. When I used them in the past they worked fine. Why would I suddenly have the issue? It makes no sense. 


The camera also has an "ATT" icon on the screen. I've never seen this and I can't find anything online explaining what it means.