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I am torn between the the NEW SL1 or the T5


I have one of the first rebels made and I need to upgrade.  Both the new SL1 and T5 are smiliar , not sure which one is slightly better, any one tested both ??




I don't have either but after reading the specs from the glossy ad Canon just sent me, I would prefer the T5i.

I have four older Rebel models and can testify to thier ability. The SL1 has slightly less featuers and is smaller. I prefer the larger Rebel body.

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Before selecting one or the other, get somewhere and get some 'hands on' with both.  The difference in size or shape make one more desirable to you than the other.  I know in my case a T4I seemed small and uncomfortable in hand till I added a battery grip then it was great.

I agree with the above, you should feel them both.


That said, personally I'd get the T4i long before wasting money on the T5i.  The only difference is an embossed dial and coating on the outside of the body.  They're functionally equivilent and the T4i is a couple hundred cheaper.


I don't own them but from the reviews, they are both equally well received:


You can also compare the features:

which seems to say the same thing.


For me, it all comes down to form factor. I would go with the T5i, or even better the T4i, since I prefer the traditional form factor camera. Maybe try them out in a nearby store and decide which one feels better.


I found that the best choice was actually the 60D which is the same price as the T5i. I have no idea why Canon decided to sell the Rebel T5i for the same price. They are in completely differnet classes. But if you really want one of those two Rebels I would go for the T5i unless you have very small hands 🙂 Good luck!

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Certainly the T4i is a another consideration but it is a discontinued model. You can still find them and if it is a couple hundred cheaper, I too would opt for it.

The T4i had body covering issues, as I recall, and may have prompted it's demise in favor of the T5i. I don't have either but my son does have a T3i. I can verify it is a nice, capable camera, indeed.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!