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Focus points are clustered in the center causing constant "focus & recompose"


It would be helpful is there were some outer focus points, I am constantly focusing and recomposing. Not so much an  issue when handheld but a major obstacle when on a tripod.1DX_Better_Focus_Points_Please.jpg



If you can guess why my car won't start I'll try to guess what camera you're using & what AF mode you're using.


Why is it that people want answers to complicated questions but they don't supply basic information?

"A skill is developed through constant practice with a passion to improve, not bought."

Hi cicopo,


1 DX, AF mode is not relevant to the post, and your car won't start because it does not like you.


My graphic may not be very explanatory. It would be helpful if the AF points were not situated in the middle section of the sensor as I rarely compose with the emphahsis in that area and have to recompose a lot. Having AF points out toward, not at, the edges would be great.

First point: this is just a forum hosted by Canon, they don't actually read these posts with any intent on gathering user feedback.  The forum is mostly supported by Canon users.


As your post: while ‘more’ is always better, there has to be reasonable allowance for advancement of technology.  The 1Dx and 5D3 have a significantly larger portion of coverage compared to other Canon models.  And even the lower end models are slowly increasing in coverage.  While I have no doubt that Canon limits this technology somewhat to encourage higher-end sales, they still are no doubt evolving their AF technology.  I would prefer to have more coverage across the horizon of the image to cover moving objects, as is done in the 1Dx and 5D3, than the upper and lower parts where I rarely have my subject.  If it was simply an option of having more, then sure add them in, but I’d expect that these AF systems become increasingly more complex, and thus expensive, as they increase the number of sensor points.

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