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How to use 60D timer?


After many film years I finally bought a 60D Canon. I want to use the self-timer but the manual hardly shows anything. But somehow I accidentally had a 2sec shot. But I cannot duplicate it. I have played with the Canon now for almost an hour and cannot for the life of me find a way to use the 10 sec timer.


Okay, somehow I accidentally pressed both camera button and pushed down on the Drive button at the same time and it worked. Question is: does it always require 2 buttons at the same time. Pretty odd?

Jaymack, I no longer have a 60D, but if it's anything like my 70D, this may help you.


First, I'm not sure what you mean by "I pressed the camera button".  Do you mean the shutter?


Second, here's what I do to change to a self-timer.  First, press and release the Drive button, then watch in the window on top of the camera in the Drive area as you turn the knurled wheel on the top of the camera.  You should see a number of different icons for single shot, continuous shooting, etc.  Keep turning the wheel until you get to an icon that is a tall, thin rectangle with bars across it (it's meant to look like a remote control).  If there is no number beside the icon, this is a ten second timer; if there is a "2" beside the icon, it's a two second timer. Press the Drive button again to confirm your setting.  Now when you press the shutter, you should have a self-timer set for whichever setting you chose.


Hope that helps.

Finding the 2 sec and 10 sec was easy just couldn't figure out how to start the thing going. I accidentally discovered the move that you suggest, but with 2 fingers. Tried it again and realized that it takes a few seconds to start the 10 sec mode.