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How to connect Cannon Rebel T6 to Godox MS300 flash for Photo booth


I am making a photo booth (in a box), and bought a Rebel T6 and a Godox MS300.

I thought the left side whole (above the usb mini) was 3.5mm flash sync cable and I could connect them directly together. But the whole is too small (and the port might be for something else).

What would be the best way to connect these 2 systems together?

Follow up question, once I do, how do I disable the built in camera flash, from not going off, as it will be inside of a box?



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The jack that on the side of the camera is for a remote control terminal, not an external flash trigger. To keep the built-in flash from firing, do not use any of the automatic shooting modes. Use of P M Av or Tv modes will not automatically raise the flash, but you can raise it if you want it. Auto modes will raise and fire the flash if the camera determines it is needed. I am not familiar with the Godox flashes.

Here is a link to the T6 camera manual: 

Looking online, it looks like the Godox MS300 supports wireless firing, so a Godox trigger mounted on the camera hot shoe looks like it would work.

That is rather price. Would something like "Hot Shoe Adapter with Extra PC sync Connection Port & 3.5mm" that would connect the top to the external flash work instead?

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I am sorry, I don't want to recommend equipment that I am not familiar with. Maybe someone else can comment on whether that would work.

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