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How do you match FPS with Shutter Speed on Canon 60D (Video Mode)?


I have a Client that needs a short Video of her Visual Performance Prop, shot with a matched Shutter Speed and Frame Rate to properly capture it.


Ideally (according to the Manual) I should be able to match the FPS (30 fps) with Shutter Speed (1/30) to capture the smooth, even Trails of the Visual Prop she performs with.


Unfortunately, the Canon 60D does not allow this, as I can only shoot with a Frame Rate of 24, 25 or 50. After many tests at different FPS and Shutter Speeds, I am still unable to match these two settings (even in Manual Video Mode).


Has anyone else encountered this issue before? If so, can you direct me to resources that will aid me in this issue?


Thank you for your time!



Hi AJHegePhoto!


Thanks for the post.


The only reason 25 and 50 would be available framerates is if the camera's Video System setting was set to PAL.  Please go into the menu, select the [Setup #2] tab, select [Video System] and change it to NTSC.  This will make 30 and 60 available.

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