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How do you guys reduce noise in Canon 5d mark II video?


I am really interested to know if anybody could give me leads on how to reduce noise in 5d mark II videos. First off - Canon 5d mark II stock HD bitrate is not really nice. Even shooting in day time I have color noise and a lot of noise in shadow areas. Its only after I played with ML 2.3 and tried to shoot 1080p vid on CBR 1.4x mode (thats the maximum bitrate supported by my present CF card 😞 but planning to buy a new one).


How do you guys deal with it?



Tests have been done that show ISO settings in multiples of 160 produce the least amount of noise on video. Starting at 160 the 5Dmkii produces less noise than even at lower ISO settings of even 100 ISO.   160, 320, 480(500), 640 and so on. If you need ISO settings of a lot higher and the noise becomes obvious there is video noise reduction software that could help.