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How do I get 60D LCD to light up


I'm a pro news camera guy from 1970 but these digital cameras drive me crazy. I try the manual and sometimes helps. Sometimes. All I want is to know how to light the LCD screen. There is nothing in the manual where I can find it. Then it pops up after I press a stack of buttons. Then it hides again. What's the secret?





The top LCD is lit by pressing the small button with the picture of a bulb on it near the main dial (the main dial is by the shutter button).

Sorry, I meant the LCD on the back of the camera, the one that swivels and apparently can be on or off.

I found out how to get the LCD screen to stay open, which is referred to Live View and I think that's what you meant. Anyway, I can do it now. Thanks.

The "info" button on the back cycles through what the camera displays on the rear LCD window.  Press it several times and you'll notice you have several choices (and one choice is to just remain black and display nothing at all).  It also changes what it displays in video mode, live view mode, or when reviewing images you've previously taken (e.g. you can turn on the histogram display -- very useful for determine if a shot is over-exposed, etc.)



Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da

Thanks but you lost me at info button. I don't need to push several buttons to take a photo, just one.

@jaymack wrote:

Thanks but you lost me at info button. I don't need to push several buttons to take a photo, just one.

You mentioned you were confused as to how to get the LCD to light up.  That LCD screen can display LOTS of things.


All of the choices are controlled by one button... it's the button labeled "Info" on the back of your camera.  If the LCD ever doesn't display the info you want to see... just press the button to change it to the next display option.  


It's somewhat common for someone to post a message on this forum to mention that their LCD is completely black (they think it's broken) and don't know how to fix it -- unaware that they've inadvertently switched the LCD off by using the "info" button (on some camera models it's "disp" instead of "info" but it does the same thing.)


If you want everything to be simple, you can certainly rotate the mode dial to the green box.  That's full automatic mode.  Most functions are locked out in that mode.  The computer takes over.  The only button you need to worry about is the shutter button.  Of course, the images will look like they were taken with a point & shoot camera (probably not what you want).  If you want more from the camera then you'll want to explore its many other capabilities.


Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da
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