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Hi....I am new to the board and a new t3i owner.....

I have had only point n shoot cameras. Can I leave the lens on the camera when I put it in it's case? Also can it be stored for a short period of time with the battery in it? I am taking a trip and would like it ready to use in an instant. Thanks!


Yes you can leave the battery in the camera & in general assuming you have a quality camera bag & it will be in your control while travelling you can leave the lens on too. When I travel I always keep my camera close & don't even turn it off. I simply let it enter sleep mode & to date (since 2004) that's worked perfectly.

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Hi...thank you so much for your reply. I do have a Canon case that holds both lens, the body and more. Just was afraid to leave the lens on but wanted it to be ready for use. I will be traveling by car so it will be put in a safe place. Thanks for the tip about sleep mode, had no idea. I am traveling to upstate New York and am excited about the landscape pictures I will be able to take. Any tips on good landscape pictures? 🙂