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HELP PLEASE Canon 80D Malfunction With No Error Code


I'm having an issue with my 80D where I get a message on the screen every time I go into live view. The message reads "This function is not available during live view shooting" or "This function is not available in the movie shooting mode" depending on which mode I'm in.

The message appears as a large box covering most of the viewing area on the LCD and doesn't go way.  I can take stills in live view (can't see what I'm focusing on though), but I can't start video recording at all. Autofocus works fine, but I can't see what I'm focusing on.

Here's the strange thing.  If I push and hold the DOF preview button, the box goes away and I can take a pic or start recording.  As soon as I release the DOF button, the box with the message comes back. 

Anyone ever have something like this happen?

BTW, taking stills through the viewfinder is functioning perfectly.  Pictures attached20220305_124353.jpg20220305_124404.jpg




Please provide back story on this camera.  Purchased new, purchased used.  You are the original owner, second owner?

Did it ever work? 

Tell us more about the lens and the battery grip you have connected?

Does this behavior happen with any lens or just one in particular?  Have you performed a factory reset, and retested?



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I'm the second owner.  Bought it basically unused (3500 shutter count).  It was used for video almost exclusively. 

I actually don't shoot in live view ever, but take very occasional video with it.  It's never given me a problem before.  This started happening out of nowhere.

Neewer battery grip

Some Canon and some 3rd party batteries

All lenses do the same thing: Canon, Sigma, Tamron

Did do a factory reset twice. Once on the phone with Canon support. The guy I spoke with was very helpful, but couldn't figure it out.  I've taken the battery grip off and used a single Canon battery: same result.




Anytime one buys a used camera it is a best practice to reset the camera to factory defaults, which is a known state for all of the settings.  If Canon Support walked you through the process of finding the menu option that resets the camera to factory defaults, then there could be more to do.

Several menu options are not reset or cleared out when you select the option to restore factory defaults.   These types of menu items will always open to a submenu, and have their own reset option.  Custom Control programming of buttons is a good example of this behavior.

I recommend setting the camera to one of the Creative Shooting Modes, and then going through all of the menus, one by one, and resetting everything that you come across.  Also, you may want to repeat this process for the Red Camera menu with Llive View enabled, and then again with Movie Mode enabled.  Those operating modes have their own menus that do not appear until you switch to those modes.

The message is not a malfunction.  It is warning you of an operator error, such as trying to use the histogram during flash photography.

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I've actually had the camera for over a year and did reset it when I got it.  Again, this just popped up out of nowhere.  I've been through the menus in both video and stills mode and don't see anything that looks like the culprit.  

What functions would be incompatible with shooting stills in live view vs through the viewfinder?


As Waddizzle pointed out, did you reset all custom functions?   See page 410 of the User Manual.

Also, in skimming that manual, I see some notes on settings you cannot set when in Live View modes.  Such as silent shutter or continous silent shutter.   Also, anti-flicker settings being enabled.


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Hi Ricky

Yes, I did reset all the custom functions.

Not using silent shutter

Anti flicker is disabled, but it also greys out during live view

There is some weird glitchy thing going on.  The fact that pressing the DOF preview makes it disappear momentarily might be saying something, but I have no idea what.




Hi, were you able to solve the problem? I have the same issue and ran out of ideas. 



HI  No I was not.  The camera still works fine for stills, but that's it.  It's a backup camera now.


You have to go through the entire menu system and reset everything option you can find.  Many menu selections open to a sub-menu, instead of a list of settings.  All of these types of menu options need to be reset.  Custom Functions is only just one example.  There must be close to a dozen menu items that have their own reset function.

"The right mouse button is your friend."