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Grey Market r5 Repair


Earlier this year I purchased a used r5 from a very reputable (albeit not canon certified) seller, and it is not a USA model, rather a Japanese model. It is genuine, and perfectly functional. Last week I was unfortunate enough to break off the plastic door for the card slot and after trying a few methods to repair it I am throwing in the Towel.

Before I send it in to canon and go a week without my R5, I wanted to ask if an authentic but foreign product would be serviced? I see that Canon says that items with fake or no serial numbers will not be repaired but this is a genuine product, just not the USA model.

Any help?



I don't think Canon USA will service it, but feel free to contact them to double-check.

For the future, only purchase your Canon gear from Authorized Canon Resellers.


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This is a bit hypocritical... as we all know it.

What if you totally accidentally 😉 moved to another country to live there? Or if you have an extended contract in another country and your original Canon camera, which you brought with you, broke and needs quick repair? 

And what about when you just pay the repair as a regular customer? Canon would still refuse to repair their own product? Ask yourself this question: Why would a business refuse to repair an item when a customer is willing to pay for it, be it grey market or not? This would be beyond my understanding... unless you are so bold to literally punish the average Joe who bought your very product on the grey market. Wouldn't it be better to punish the grey market itself instead of the persons who love and want to own your product and still want to save some cash?

In the end, you own an original Canon equipment designed, developed, and made in Japan... just bought somewhere else. In the end, some of the revenue still goes to Canon HQ in Japan anyway, and the statistics with the sales numbers, too... but there Canon (as well as every other camera manufacturer) makes no differentiation between licensed partner sales and grey market sales... they are all very welcome, aren't they? Especially when you want to shine and communicate figures like market share and revenue. That's where the hypocrisy lies in the end.

I bought most of my Canon EOS bodies at Canon itself or at a licensed partner, but nearly all of my lenses I bought on the grey market. The price difference is just too sweet to be ignored.

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I would check with Canon. I would think that they would repair the camera, since it is not under warranty.

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