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Flash for Crippled Canons?


Would anyone have concrete knowledge of whether Canon's or anyone else's flash will operate on the "cold shoe" of the Rebel T7 or its similarly denuded siblings like the SL3?


Canon removed the larger X-sync contact from the shoe thus severely limiting the third party flashes that can work with it. I've asked in many other forums and get a lot of definite maybees. The Canon rep where I bought it assures me even the baby Speedlight EL-100 will operate with it, and the interwebs inform me that 3rd party outfits like Godox have updated the firmware in their flashes to do so.


But I'd sure like to hear from someone who owns one of the affected cameras and has found a flash that absolutely works.


As stated earlier....

"Canon does not design their gear to be compatible with 3rd party hardware.  It is of no concern to them."


Why would they? If you sold flashes and cameras you would not make sure your camera worked with any and all off brand flashes. 

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

Just one person not buying a Canon is equal to their **bleep** prioritized flashes.

Man by 68 I am surprised you haven’t learned better but you are certainly on the wrong forum for a political rant.
EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!


What Canon has done with the intentionally designed defect is soured me on buying any more new Canon products, of any of their product lines. I have Canons from the AT-1 and AE-1 through Rebel II 35mm film cameras that were what I learned photography with. I even have a couple of dozen lenses between the FD and EF mounts. I have one Canon brand flash that I bought for the Rebel II that, ironically, I cannot use on my T7 because it uses the center hotshoe pin. I can, however, use that 90s era flash on my AT-1 and AE-1 bodies.


I do have a solution for lenses though. I own Fotodiox lens mount adapters that allow me to use other manufacturerss lenses, including Pentax and Nikon brand on my T7. I can even use my Canon FD and Pentax K mount full manual lenses without a hitch with the adapters. I don't have to buy any new Canon products now that I have workarounds for the glass selection.


Even more disappointing is that I have a long-owned studio lighting setup that I can't use now unless I want to use one of the older film bodies or buy a pre-T7 used Canon camera body that has the center pin. No, I don't need a fancy $1,000+ camera body or $2,000+ lux lenses to take great photos. I know this from my old FD mount technology.


I wanted to return to photography in the digital media and start out with an affordable product I could keep around for years. I received this as a gift from my family so I'm not going to get rid of it. When I want to advance I will keep it around as a reminder as to why Canon stopped being my favorite camera manufacturer and why I switched to one of their competition.

Still have - AT-1, AE-1 Program, Rebel II; Kalimar K-90/1000 Pentax clone
Rebel T7 gifted to me - A reminder to *always* examine a new camera in person, not trust reviews and reviewers (Deleting the center hotshoe contact? Really?)
Fotodiox lens adaptors for Canon FD and Pentax K to EOS EF mounts.
Former film fanatic, digital by design now as I rekindle my love of photography

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EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

Jeez, just buy a used 420EX for 20-ish bucks and enjoy some gorgeous bounce-lit pix.