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Eos r7 1st 30 secs of video exports only


I just recently brought the cannon EOS r7 and I was capturing photography with a on camera flash. So I had to change the curtain settings to either mechanical or electronic. After I shot video and I didn't know I had to change settings being that I had the canon 80d and I didn't have to take all these steps to switch from flash photography to video. The color was off on the video so I color graded it the best way I could and exported from premiere pro and also tried media encoder but my video only played the 1st 30 secs and that was it. Also the color grade that I made didn't reflect what I did in premiere pro. Please help..... 


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Tom39,

Through Canon USA support we only have information on products and software made through Canon. To trouble shoot the color grading and export functions of Premiere Pro we would recommend contacting Adobe. There aren't any settings on the camera that would prevent the color grade or limit the export function of editing software.

One good thing to double check would be to try playing back the original video on your camera itself to make sure it recorded correctly. If it is only cutting off when you export the file that indicates the editing software is the cause.

For the color issue it would be good to check the white balance the camera is using in video mode. The white balance when doing flash photography would be different from the white balance used when there is not flash, and that would cause a color shift. The best white balance to use depends on what sort of light you are shooting in. Information on white balance and the white balance presets are on pages 216-225 of the manual.

If you need a copy of the manual it is available HERE. Once you are on the web page click on the Manuals button and the one to reference is named EOS R7 Advanced User Guide.