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Eos Rebel T1i as webcam


I am wondering if I can use my Eos Rebel T1i as a PC webcam. I know canons driver will not work but I am wondering if there are any free ones I could use that are not really sketchy to download. Thanks!



If the Canon EOS Wecam Utility does not work, then you’re out of luck.  The Webcam Utility is a very unique application, which requires initiate knowledge of the camera firmware.  I doubt if any third parties will make any attempt to write their, especially when the Canon app is a free download.

I also want to point out that there are a few cameras that are not listed as being supported by the EOS Webcam Utility, but many users have been reporting that it seems to work with the camera bodies.  

All of these compatible outliers seem to have one or two things in common.  The camera is able to controlled by the regular EOS Utility in Remote Shooting Mode, and the cameras are capable of capturing video.  Any camera that cannot capture video AND be remotely controlled does not seem able to work with the EOS Webcam Utility.

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