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Electronic Viewfinder VS Optical - Headaches


I am concerned about the R series camera not having an optical viewfinder option. The electronic viewfinder has caused headaches and nausea for me. I was looking forward to going mirrorless but now I will have to reconsider. What future cameras will still use an optical viewfinder? What options do I have to help this problem? I'm a photographer who has never had a problem like this until using the EVF on the R6ii. Very disappointed if this is how the R cameras will be. I know I'm not the only photographer experiencing this, as there are other forums out there on this issue. What will Canon do to accommodate current Canon photographers who experience this? Is DSLR our only option right now then? Has anyone else experienced this? And what did you decide to do?


Hello, alyssal.

Not sure this will help, or you may have already tried this. But the EVF can be slightly adjusted. By default on the R6 mark II, the EVF is set to "Power saving", which I assume makes the frame rate lower. I set mine to "Smooth" and that took away a lot of eye strain. One of my gripes about the first R's I tried was eye strain, so it kept me away for a while.

Go to Shooting Menu item 9 and select "Disp. performance" and set that to "Smooth". There is also a "Suppress lower frame rate" check box, so you can play with these settings and see if it helps. See page 340 in the advanced users manual. I have the R5 and R6 and my wife just bought the R6 mark II. My wife gets ophthalmic migraines, and this setting helps her to shoot longer.


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