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EOS Remote iPhone App Extended Exposure Capability


I recently started using the Canon 6D with the EOS Remote iPhone app.  There are some cool capabilities for remote shooting that I find to be promising, but it seems that the very basic function of locking the shutter for an extended exposure is missing... One of the most common needs for a remote trigger system is for long exposures and it would be very nice to not have to hold down the shutter button on the iPhone for a long duration when shooting >30 second exposures.


The next step beyond the basic shutter lock, would be to include functionality of the Canon Timer Remote Controller (TC-80N3), such as interval timing, long exposure timer, exposure count setting, etc.  I understand that Canon could be hesitant to introduce this capability via a free app and remove some of the market for the canon timer on their wireless enabled cameras, but a simple work-around to this would be a pro version of the app at some cost should this be the case.


Are there any plans to include some/all of the above features in near-term app updates?



@Lustro wrote:

Are there any plans to include some/all of the above features in near-term app updates?

This forum is mostly driven by consumers like yourself, not Canon.  They only jump in on simple questions that can be answered by referencing the users manual.  So you're stuck with speculation from us instead of something from Canon.


I don't think Canon will be very active in updating the software, nothing to the level of Android apps or other fast pace software development.  The app is more for marketing purposes, to be the first with WiFi controlled cameras.  Maybe if there's competition then they'll have to develop it into something more useful, but I don't see it happening soon.


But I'm sure third party vendors will step in and fill the gap.  There was some discussion from the guys who develop DSLR Controller that they might tap into the WiFi abilities.  Maybe some of the Magic Lantern geniuses will jump in as well.  The capabilities are there, and what you described isn't difficult at all from a programming perspective.  I'd think that someone could reverse engineer the app pretty easy...  at least the Android version.

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