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EOS Rebel XTi Memory Card Issues, AF Issues, and More


I cannot access the menu or memory card in any of the manual modes. It also will not auto focus. It will take pictures randomly. While in automatic it seems to work fine. I have found and downloaded an update but I cannot install due to the lack of access to the menu in manual and the menu in automatic does not have an update option. We pulled the camera out of storage, in a closet, and it worked fine for about a week but now...


@Tronhard you may be right it could just be a bad battery. Especially from a camera that is 16 years old.


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I don’t know if it’s the battery or age. The new battery is when it started having issues and yes they are 3rd party. Is the T6 a good upgrade without going full on brand new. I’m and seeing them for about $250 online

I think a lot depends on what the intention is combined with the budget.  I am guessing from your comments that keeping the investment down is a driving force.  If this is really for a college course and with no commitment for the future as yet. I think going for modest second-hand is a good idea.  Remember that the lens you choose will also have an impact.  If the lens or lenses you have are the same vintage as the Xti, then they are pretty old.

If you can manage it, I would go either for the T5i, or T6i over the T6 for a couple of reasons.  The i-series have more robust construction, better sensors and processors, , articulating screens and generally better specs all around. They also have a touch screen interface and reasonable video specs, including earphone jack as well as mic jack. 

For a general purpose lens, I would suggest looking at the EF-S 18-135 IS STM unit.  It is an excellent kit lens and there are heaps of them available on the market.  Not only does this have a fairly wide focal range, but it has a fast, silent 'fly by wire' motor that allows manual focus and autofocus to work concurrently - so great for both stills and video.  Non STM lenses will have to be switched between manual and auto, and have noisy gears that can interfere with video.

Here Is a comparison to the different models we have discussed so far.

A good place to look is an on-line company called KEH.  They have a vast array of used gear that is backed by warranty.  I would also check Canon's Refurbished gear store.


cheers, TREVOR

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