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EOS Rebel T3i not recognized by Windows 10


Windows 10 will not recognize my eos T3i camera. I get an exclamation mark in device manager under other devices.

If there is a workaround until this problem is resolved please share your findings.





Does the T3i show up in Explorer?  There are no drivers required or supplied to use Win 10.  It is unlikely a Win 10 problem or a problem with the T3i.  You may have to set the T3i to PTP in the menu.

Try a new USB cable.  Try a different USB port as the one you are using may be faulty.  Look elsewhere for the problem but until you find it, get a card reader and just use it instead.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!



I have the exact same problem with my Canon T5i on Windows 10 Pro. This camera is perfectly detected on another computer on Windows 7 Pro so this is not a cable issue nor a camera issue. Please see the screen captures below.


I tried to find a download of this driver on the canon support page and the web, without success. The Windows driver update does not find any working driver neither. The SD card reader won't work for me since I need the camera to be properly detected by the system to use it as a webcam.


Canon camero driver issue.PNGCanon camero driver issue 2.PNG

There is no driver because no driver is required.  The screen you show is just a generic Windows screen.  Windows 10 sees my very old 1D Mk IIn with no problem or driver needed.  Just because a Win 7 saw the camera has nothing to do with your current issue.  Something else is wrong.  Bad port, bad cable, who knows but Win 10 is able to see it.

Now EOS Utility will not see my 1D Mk IIn because it is too old.  Is that what you mean?  EOSU doesn't see it on Win 10?



EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!



I found the solution! For your information, a driver is required for every peripherals on Windows or any other OS. For Windows, the driver can be already stored in the OS folder like C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore or downloaded automatically through Windows Update when you plug in the peripheral. In some case when Windows does not find the driver, it might be necessary to manually download a driver and manually install it.


I my case, the issue was that I installed Windows 10 N Pro 64b on my computers. The N version does not include Windows Media Player which comes with the MTP (Media Transfert Protocol) driver.


So, if you are in my case, you need to download and install the "Media Feature Pack for N and KN versions of Windows 10" which will install the MTP driver :


Now my T5i is properly detected by the system.


"There are no drivers required or supplied to use Win 10."


I did not know I needed to qualify that statement to include, from Canon.  Which as you found out does not indeed have one.

I assumed too much, I fear. Smiley Frustrated

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

OMG! Thank you. I have been struggling with this issue and the solution was so simple. Thnaks!

associateit - Thank you so much for taking the time to share your soluction.  I was going through great frustration since my recent update to Windows 10.  I found your post, updated my media player driver and it has now solved 95% of the issues I was having since the update.  Thanks, again!!  ~Marcia

Brilliant!  This worked for my T5i as well as for  another inexpensive "pocket" camera.  Thank you thank you!!!


I  can't connect my Canon PowerShot A530 to my  MS Windows computer.

I can't download images that I have in my Cannon PowerShot A530 camera, unfortunately...

What can I do, please?

Should I buy a new camera? Could it be compatible with the older one, please?


Have a nice day!

Thank you,


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