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EOS-RP Transferring pictures to computer


Hello, I have the EOS RP Mirrorless camera, for the past several years I have used the EOS 60D. When I take pictures with the RP and try to transfer the pics from the SD card to my computer they are not showing up. It's like they aren't even on the card. When I put the card back in the camera then they show up. Now, I can take that same card, put it in my old camera, and snap a few pics, then insert the card back into my computer those pictures that were taken with the old camera show up on the computer to download. Keep in mind I am no professional, just a grandma wanting pics of her grandkids. But is there a setting I have missed? I have gone through the manual and I've either overlooked it or it's not there. Please help! 



The RP has in camera RAW processing.

1. Press the menu button on the back of the camera

2. Use the direction button to navigate to the play menu.

3. Navigate to PLAY2.  Then you will see RAW image processing.

This will make copies of the CR3 files into nice Canon looking jpegs on your card.  Then your computer can work with those.  The DPP software is ah, not my favorite.  The jpegs are good enough.


I also have the this problem. I can see the pictures and transfer wireless from the camera, but I can not see all the files on the SD cart when it is inserted in the computer. (Sometimes my camera is freezing when saving - and I need to take out the battery.  The card I am using is a micro sd in an adapter PNY Elite ) 

BR Niels
Canon RP, R7, RF-L lenses.

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