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EOS R6 - Please Add Custom Video Shooting Modes


I love my R6 but it irks me with as much filming as I do this camera does not have custom video shooting modes. C1-C3 only work for photos. As far as I know this is the only camera in the EOS R lineup that doesn't have this feature. I would love if Canon would push a firmware update that would add this feature to this camera. It can be done and we all know it.

As I understand the EOS R6 Mkii does have this ability but it's absolutely not practical to expect R6 owners to hash out another $2,500 just for an inch of progress. Don't get me wrong I would love to upgrade to the upcoming Mkii just to have this feature as well as all other improvements but your screwing over existing R6 customers by forcing them to upgrade from a perfectly good and capable 2 year old camera just for a tiny bit of improvement to have something that  in hindsight should have been put in the R6 from the start. I've seen multiple threads show up here talking about this issue since the R6 first came out but it would seem Canon is widely ignoring the issue. Canon can do what Canon wants, it's their camera. But if it's really expected of me to upgrade from a perfectly good and capable camera to a just as costly and slightly newer model just for that one feature that is even included in previous, older, and even outdated EOS R models, it would just be easier to take that money and switch to another leading brand.

I like Canon. I've been a loyal Canon user for a decade. I don't want to switch. I want to be loyal to a camera maker that listens and supports their community and goes out of their way to streamline creativity even to existing customers. So Canon, if you're reading this, please look into fixing this issue.