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EOS R6 Mark II white balance not reflected in viewfinder


I have an Canon R6 mark ii and recently when setting the white balance, it won’t translate through the viewfinder. It will either be way too warm or way too cold when looking through the viewfinder. If I take the picture and then look at it on the LCD the white balance is normal. Has anyone with this camera had the same issue?

I’ve had it since September with no issues until now. I also had it go completely black tonight and wouldn’t resolve with just a quick on and off. I had to remove the battery and wait a bit, then put it back in and it was fine. But I haven’t had this camera for long and that is worrying me…

I shoot in manual/raw with either kelvin or a custom white balance with a gray card. No off brand batteries or anything either. The white balance issue is random too, one minute it will be too warm and the next it’s totally fine again. 

Any ideas? 



Try contacting Canon Support. 

"The right mouse button is your friend."

I did I just haven’t heard back yet. Thanks for your reply!