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EOS R6 HDMI Visualization worse than EOS R

I have an EOS R and I can setup an a Freeworld R6 external monitor to the camera and record using both the LCD Display in the camera and the external monitor. I recently tried the EOS R6 and I'm thinking of getting one as an upgrade for my EOS R but I realized that you cannot use HDMI Visualization the same way as the EOS R does, you cannot use both the external monitor and the camera display and record at the same time. That's so lame considering that the EOS R6 is a 2,500USD camera with better a better proccesing hardware (DIGIC X). Any news on this Canon?


This is only a user forum.  If you have direct questions for Canon, then you should contact Canon directly.

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I agree , the R5 can do both monitors I wish they would come out with a software upgrade to allow for the r6 do use both monitors a external and the camera monitor, right now it even cuts off the viewfinder for shooting stills when a HDMI is plugged in.


anyone know if this has changed or how to change it