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EOS R5 Screen Glitch

New Contributor

The rear screen on my EOS R5 started acting up this week.  


I'm getting a blue color cast and weird looking squares when the camera is cold. Cold as in 40 degrees F. 


Camera works fine in doors, and I do not see any issues with the actual pictures but after about an hour or two outside in cool (30-40 F) temps I get a screen glitches. Rear EVF works fine too. Rear LCD will clear up withing a few minutes of use... I presume because the camer has warmed up a bit. So far I've only had the issue with the RF 70-200, but will try other lense in the coming days to see if it also acts up.  


Any ideas???  


Camera has never been wetter than sprinkled upon, so I cant imagine that's the issue.   


Thanks in advance. 



Screen Shot 2021-05-11 at 1.57.35 PM.png



I think your camera needs a repair.  Contact Canon Support.  I think you have water damage.


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