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EOS R5 LCD went dark


Using the R5, I noticed that the Histogram is made up of 5 vertical sections and the right (last) 2 were blank but that the info appeared to be displayed in the first 3 sections. I then displayed the menus and the LCD went black. I can still see the info in the View Finder but the LCD does not react to any buttons and when I Hit the menu button the language changed from English. I thought maybe the Firmware had an issue so I re loaded version 1.3.0 and when I clicked on the Firmware button the LCD came to life and the firmware was changed but when I clicked OK the LCD again went black. I took the battery Grip off over night and put it back together this am, upgraded the firmware to 1.3.1 and the LCD is still blank.  Any thoughts? Thank in Advance. Tom



Test it without the battery grip or any lens being attached.  Most importantly, stop trying to upgrade the firmware in a camera body that may have a hardware malfunction.  I have never understood why people like to try that.


Contact Canon Support for guidance with your issue.  It seems to be a hardware failure of some type, and the camera should still be under warranty.

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this is scary, I just got my R5 today....

@xdm92013 wrote:

this is scary, I just got my R5 today....


Not so scary - it turned out to be a menu item that turned off the lcd and in trying to figure out what was going on the menu language got changed from english to something very strange. After I turned the lcd back on and changed the language all is once again well! I've had mine since last December and really happy with it.