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EOS R100 - Unable to Update Firmware, Receiving Overheating Message


Hello I recently bought myself a Eos R100 and i have 2 issues going on right now, 1. The camera just shuts down saying overheated when it's been off with no battery inside (just started to happen) and 2. when i try to update my firmware it doesn't show up i go to canon USA and go to the camera Eos R100 and there are no firmware's even available to choose from so how is it going to continually say i need to update my Memory card containing the firmware when the camera and website itself doesn't even let me update it. I need serious help. 


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi ItzNico,

At this time we haven't released a firmware update for the EOS R100, so there won't be a firmware download listed on the product page. If we release a firmware update for that camera in the future it would be posted on the product page HERE.

For the overheating issue where was the camera located when it was powered off? If it was left someplace like in direct sunlight that can heat up the camera to the point where it triggers the overheat automatic shut off.

If the issue is happening when the camera was sitting powered off in a cool place and it hasn't been used in awhile it would be good to try loading a different memory card and battery in the camera to see if the same thing happens. Sometimes if a memory card is malfunctioning it can cause errors in the camera, and if the battery is malfunctioning it can overheat a camera.


I have the same issue happened to my camera as well, just sat in a cool dry place, and after I re-insert the battery after charging and once turned it on, it appeared "overheated, shutting down", and the camera shut down around 2-3 sec after turned on. it keeps happening with or without SD card and re-insert the battery. 
Please help