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EOS R10 "Busy" message


I just bought a Canon EoS R10 camera today and I clicked a lot of pictures and suddenly it showed a busy while clicking the picture. So plz let me know the problem and how can I fix this problem



Did you hold the shutter down to take a continuous set of images?

Are you capturing RAW, JPEG, or RAW+JPEG?

What specific memory card are you using (brand, full-sized vs micro, UHS-I or UHS-II,V-rating (e.g. V30, V60 or V90).

The most important aspect of a media card will be its sustained write performance.  Since the EOS R10 can use UHS-II cards, the best you can do is get a reliable brand of V90 rated cards.

Note that capturing in RAW is always preferred.  If you're capturing RAW+JPEG, you can switch to RAW only so as to have the camera write out less information.  But, if you find a particular scenario where you need to capture a large amount of continuous images, you can look at switching over to just capturing JPEG.

Finally, another option (though it will reduce quality), is to choose less resolution in your image settings.


Camera: EOS 5D IV, EF 50mm f/1.2L, EF 135mm f/2L
Lighting: Profoto Lights & Modifiers



Did the Busy signal go away?

Usually you get the Busy signal when the camera is trying to write something to the memory card.

We're you shooting in a  burst mode?

We're you you trying to bracket photos or doing an HDR picture?

What we're the circumstances, and has it happened before or since?

Steve Thomas


Check your memory card?  Download the Canon R10 user manual and check the specifications for the types of cards you need to use.  I believe you need UHS-II SD memory cards.  

Use a dedicated card that is only used in this one camera.  Never use macro-SD cards that require a plastic adapter.  Always format your memory card(s) in the camera prior to first use.

Beware of buying camera accessories like memory cards and batteries on Amazon.  The same goes for cameras and lenses.

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