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EOS R - can't connect utility

New Contributor

I am attempting to wirelessly connect my EOS R to my MacBook Pro as described in the manual with no success.  


I’m following the exact steps from the manual;


On Camera - “WiFi settings”

On Camera - “Enable”

On Camera - Select “WiFi function”

On Camera - Select “Remote Control (EOS Utility)”

On Camera - Select “Register a device for connection”

On Camera - LCD shows SSID and Password information

On Mac - In wifi networks select “SSID wifi info from above”

On Mac - Mac requests password

On Mac - Enter password shown on Camera LCD screen and select “Join”.  Mac shows I am now on this network

On Camera - LCD says “Start pairing devices”

On Camera - Select “OK”

On Camera - LCD changes to “EOS-XXXXXX pairing (connection with the computer in progress. Start EOS /utility on the computer.”

On Mac - EOS Pairing Software prompts to choose a camera for pairing.

On Mac - Select “Canon EOS R” and “Connect”

On Mac - Pop up window appears “Check the camera LCD a complete the network settings.”

On Camera LCD screen remains unchanged, still shows “EOS-XXXXXX pairing (connection with the computer in progress. Start EOS /utility on the computer.”


According to the manual the Camera LCD should now say “XXXXXXXXXX found. Connect to the PC.” But this message never appears.


There are no firewalls or antivirus that are stopping the connection and here are my system specs:



EOS R ver. 1.3.0

EOS Utility Launcher 0.1.21

EOS Utility 3.11.1


MacOS Mojave ver 10.14.5



What can I do to fix this? 





Respected Contributor


We are sorry to hear this issue persists.  We recommend uninstalling the software from your computer and then performing a complete reinstall to resolve this issue.  

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New Contributor
Works now! Thx