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EOS R Log settings won't stay on


Recently got a used EOS R at work. I haven't shot in log before and am attempting to learn. I've gone through the settings to turn log on and a couple of other settings suggested in a tutorial video. The video file appears to be correct. However, as soon as I turn the camera off, the log settings disappear. I can't find anything online about this. Any ideas?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi jdbaum42,

Some settings go back to default when the camera is powered off and on. On the EOS R the Canon Log setting does need to be re-enabled if the camera is turned off and turned back on.

Actually, I got a reply on Reddit earlier today. I had the camera in a Custom mode when I switched log on, and when powering it off and on again, the custom mode reverts to its original settings. I put the camera in Manual mode and set it to log, and from there it stuck through a power cycle. I haven't gotten around to trying to add log to my C modes, but will comment here again if it doesn't work.