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EOS M6 II "Exposure comp/AEB Setting" is set, but fires only 1 shot and blinks


Body: EOS M6 Mark II
I was testing with one of the kit lenses: 55-200.  Not the lens I will be using in the field, when I need this to really work. I guess that could be the problem, not sure.

I had AEB working a few days ago.  But it keeps doing this thing where I click the button and it just takes one-shot, and the each of the different 'ligher and darker' numbers blink... like it is saying that it can't or refuses to perform the action because of a problem, or a "You can't do that notice".  Why not? 

granted I was just testing.  At first I was using a remote-clicker, to perform tests.  But then I realized it wasn't the  remote at all.  The camera was doing it, all by it self.



Are you using Single Shot Drive Mode?  Did you try pressing the shutter again?

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Your right, I need to set the drive-mode to high-speed.  

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